one local summer

Combination of Eye Candy Friday and One Local Summer, since I’m on my way to a wedding in Indiana, that is.

my new favorite sandwich

and a variation

It’s sorta borderline as a local meal, since I doubt Metropolitan buys its flour locally, but the bread as an object is local, as are the chevre, the cucumber, and the pepper, and the hot sauce is semi-local, courtesy of my dad. And it’s my new favorite sandwich, especially when eaten at home so I can toast the bread before topping it. Yum.

Happy, weekend, everyone!

It’s deadly hot here (so weird to go outside after wearing a hoodie in lab all day!), so this week’s OLS meal was mostly salad. I cooked the corn while I was chopping veggies. (Although I considered skipping the corn this week, because I’d have to cook it, I hate to miss a week of corn season.)

one local summer, week 6

Local: corn, pepper, tofu, zucchini, cucumber, yellow bean. Not local: salad dressing.

Now, since my knitting time last night was entirely consumed by fixing a mistake a few rows back (note to self: don’t try to knit lace when you can barely keep your eyes open), it’s time to work some more on those swap socks.

(Also, I think it’s funny that last year’s OLS Week 6 meal was a very similar salad.  Seems like OLS started earlier this year, though, since it’s not August yet.)

Although I skipped week 3, when I didn’t really cook much of anything, I did have local meals for weeks four and five of this year’s One Local Summer.

one local summer, week 4

one local summer, week 5 ols2008-5b

That’s a July 4th dinner of lamb chops, veggies also cooked on the grill, composed salad of carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, scallions, and such, and locally-made bread; tofu/mushroom/eggplant stirfry (with nonlocal rice); and lamb-stuffed eggplant accompanied by two ears of fresh-from-the-market corn (not pictured).

one local summer, week 2

This past week was not a good week for cooking.  I’ve got a science deadline on Wednesday, so I’ve been working extra hard, and then there was a mysterious flood of water from my ceiling onto my couch, andandand….  So the only food I actually cooked last week was last night’s dinner: tofu scramble.  This is local tofu, baby spinach, snap peas, garlic scapes, and spring onions, plus dried basil from my parents’ CSA (which I count as semi-local ’cause I picked it last fall and hand-carried it home, even though I took a plane and a train to do so).  Non-local ingredients are soy sauce, sriracha, olive oil, and black pepper.


I’ve managed to spin a bit, a few minutes a day, because it’s still nice to sit in front of the air conditioner even if it’s just on ‘fan’.  I love the sproinginess of cormo.  I’ve also knit a little; my first swap sock is an inch into the gusset.

This week, I wound up making two batches of local food in one evening.

First, I decided that the asparagus I bought on my way home (at the first week of this season of the Thursday market at Clark Park) wanted to be in something quiche-y.
crustless quiche

I was impatient and hungry, so I decided to skip the crust, but this is asparagus from Eden Grove farm, onion from the farm from Rome, PA that sells eggs and pork and honey at the Saturday Clark Park market, Seven Stars yogurt, mushrooms and eggs marked local at Mariposa, and dried basil and parsley from my parents’ CSA.  Non-local ingredients: olive oil (for pre-cooking the onion and mushrooms), salt, pepper, paprika.  It came out really well, even with the extra liquid at the bottom.  (I should’ve drained the mushrooms a bit better.)

While the quiche-y thing was baking, I took some kale (Landisdale farm, from the farmers’ market a week or two ago), some more of the same onion, and some leftover New Jersey-made buckwheat pasta and came up with this:
buckwheat pasta w/kale

Maybe not as exciting as the quichey stuff, but it should make a decent lunch tomorrow.