Last week’s OLS meal was probably my simplest ever–it’s been hot enough that all I wanted was a salad.


Fresh Tofu Inc. tofu, Mill Creek Farm cucumber, local zucchini from the co-op, green pepper from a farmers’ market stand whose name I don’t know, red pepper from North Star Orchard, maybe an eighth of a sweet onion that was marked local at the co-op. 

I had this for two meals, actually, once with a non-local dressing, once just plain, enjoying the veggie flavors.  (Yes, yes, I’m an omnivore and I like plain tofu.)

We’re also now into my favorite time of year: apple season.   I’ll certainly be happier when apple season includes weather that allows sleep without air conditioning, but  Summer Blaze and Ginger Gold apples help a lot with my heat tolerance.  (Now, if I could just find local peanut butter…)