This week, I wound up making two batches of local food in one evening.

First, I decided that the asparagus I bought on my way home (at the first week of this season of the Thursday market at Clark Park) wanted to be in something quiche-y.
crustless quiche

I was impatient and hungry, so I decided to skip the crust, but this is asparagus from Eden Grove farm, onion from the farm from Rome, PA that sells eggs and pork and honey at the Saturday Clark Park market, Seven Stars yogurt, mushrooms and eggs marked local at Mariposa, and dried basil and parsley from my parents’ CSA.  Non-local ingredients: olive oil (for pre-cooking the onion and mushrooms), salt, pepper, paprika.  It came out really well, even with the extra liquid at the bottom.  (I should’ve drained the mushrooms a bit better.)

While the quiche-y thing was baking, I took some kale (Landisdale farm, from the farmers’ market a week or two ago), some more of the same onion, and some leftover New Jersey-made buckwheat pasta and came up with this:
buckwheat pasta w/kale

Maybe not as exciting as the quichey stuff, but it should make a decent lunch tomorrow.