non-fiber craft




When I was in high school, my primary creative activity was making polymer clay beads and making jewelry with them and with glass, wood, stone, and metal beads.  My dad and I set up a craft table in the basement, with five or six lights, a glass tabletop over a sturdy oak table, and even a hot plate that could be set on really low to soften the clay.  (For whatever reason, my mom rarely joined us.)  I continued to do some jewelrymaking into college–I spent my first Winter Term at home, making more intricate designs with polymer clay, and my second Winter Term studying metalworking with a family friend near D.C.–but then I fell further into science and photography, and then I discovered knitting.

I can’t see myself resuming any kind of beadwork in the near future, partly because it’s really not portable, partly because I think it’d work better with a cat-free room, but I do miss it sometimes.

These pictures are of some of the jewelry I kept for myself.  (There are more of them after the jump.)


Work has been more all-encompassing than usual lately, and I haven’t been knitting much of interest. So all I have to post today is a picture of my toe-hat progress and a picture of the eggs I dyed on Saturday at Elaine‘s.

alas, none of the pictures were in focus, and you can’t really see the glitter on the bottom two. at least the colors are fairly accurate