Part 1:


I’ve posted this before, I think, right after I took it–it’s from two years ago, when I went to the big neuroscience meeting in San Diego (and hung out with my friends who live/d there). It’s among my favorites, and it’s a happy-feeling shot, and I’m in a good mood after my thesis committee meeting.

Part 2 will show up later, maybe in the evening, and it’ll be fibery. But I’ve been busy this week. That whole “committee meeting” thing.

I spent a bit of last Friday afternoon wandering around Balboa Park with my friend M. Next to a cactus garden across the road from the natural history museum, there’s a lovely rose garden with what must be a couple hundred varieties of roses. I’m sorry I can’t share the scent with you as well as these pictures…





I found a sheep:


You can take the knitter out of the sheep and wool festivals, but she’ll still find a sheep. (This one’s advertising an automated hemocytometer.)

Sunset. This isn’t exactly hard to find, but it’s got an unusual foreground, at least for me.

Most of a sock!

handspun sock 11/04

I’m going to finish the first of the handspun merino-mohair socks pretty soon. Too bad I left the other ball of yarn in Philadelphia…. (I do have other projects, though; never fear.)

But now it’s time for sleep, so I can absorb lots more science tomorrow.

I took off for San Diego today, leaving not-bright and early.

near Philly

approaching sunrise

maybe Indiana


also from the plane

probably Arizona

Much as I prefer travelling by train or car for other reasons (airports, for example, and security restrictions), I really love the views I can’t get from anywhere other than an airplane.

Knitting update soon.