November 2010


I have stuff to post from San Diego, but I’m off to NYC for Thanksgiving. Here, then, is a photo from/of one thing (among many) for which I am thankful: the South Street bridge has reopened, so my route home is simpler and enough shorter that it’s reasonable to walk in nice weather. This photo is from two weeks ago, the first week the bridge was open again.

This week flew by! Maybe it was losing Wednesday to a really nasty headache/blech…maybe it was just ’cause it was Full of Stuff.

The first bit of Stuff was a Sunday evening in Northern Liberties, where a friend and I discovered that Settlers of Catan Cities & Knights works pretty well with only two players, at least for non-aggressive players. (We tend to move the robber back and forth between the unoccupied hexes.) On the way there, I saw this lovely fence.

budgie/route 66

Aaaaand I’ve finished some spinning. This is another pair of handpaints for the sweater I’m planning: polwarth/tencel in Budgie, from Southern Cross Fibre, and corriepaca in Route 66, from Spunky Eclectic. It’s washed now, so I’ll get pics when I come home.

Come home from where, you ask? Well, by the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to San Diego for a conference. I’ll have at least some internet access, but I expect to be mostly out of touch for a week. See you when I come back!


Today, I am 29. Things haven’t turned out the way I’d envisioned, but life is mostly good, and y’all are part of that, for which I thank you.

The photo is from Monday morning–my favorite weather plus beautiful foliage, on my way to work.


While I’m posting, here’s an updated photo of my Hedgerows Shawlette, only a day behind its actual size.


I can see the thick-and-thin effects in a few places, at least…