April 2008


I’m still really excited about my new camera. And I’m starting to get really, really excited about Maryland Sheep & Wool. I’ll be taking all sorts of rain gear, and extra shoes of various sorts…

Say hi if you see me. I’ll be wearing one of the lace headbands I knit this spring (one Saturday, one Sunday).


• The food blog to which I contribute, Farm to Philly, is organizing a One Local Summer project for this year. It’s primarily aimed at people in the Mid-Atlantic, but it sounds like it’s open to everyone else, too.

• Someone’s set up a Google map of public fruit in Philadelphia. Brilliant.

• I haven’t been doing a lot of spinning lately–my weekend went mostly to housecleaning and rearranging my kitchen so I could fit three people at my dining table–but I did spin this on Sunday:


…out of one of these, which I made on Brook‘s carder a couple of weeks ago.


• I’ve also been knitting a bit, when I can fit it in around the cooking. I’ve picked up the Peacock Feather Shawl again:


It’s another row or two along–I’ve finished chart 4–but it doesn’t look appreciably different from this. I love it, but I’m out of practice with laceweight yarn, and the knitting is slow.

• I got a shiny, new camera! It’s not the DSLR I mentioned a few weeks ago, because I am indecisive. (Anyone have recommendations re. the Canon EOS 20D or the Nikon D60 versus the Canon XTi?) However, my five-year-old digital camera has been turning itself off for no reason, including right after I turn it on and before it lets me take even one picture, so I decided to forestall cameralessness. On numerous recommendations, including Claudia’s, I picked up a PowerShot A720IS. I love it! I have a lot more figuring out to do, since it only arrived yesterday afternoon, but it has lots and lots of control options, and it’s the same size as my old camera!


Mel was sad that I stopped waving the cat dancer around and started flashing lights in his eyes. (I was wondering if the face-recognition thing would work with cats. I think it does.


When I turned 5, one of my friends gave me a hibiscus plant as a birthday present. I still have the plant, more than 20 years later, and it’s one of my favorites. It doesn’t flower all that often, but this cutting from it flowered even before I managed to get it into soil.

wisteria at sunset


a whole treeful of wisteria

I’ve loved wisteria since I was small–I read The Ordinary Princess numerous times, and I always wanted wisteria vines I could climb down. And, y’know, to live in a tower.

No picture-worthy knitting at this point. I’ve been swamped with work, and I’ve been trying to rest my arms when I’m at home.



Ahhh, fresh yarn.  This is 4oz of corriedale/silk from Handspun by Stefania.  It’s not as evenly spun as I’d really like, since it became long-draw practice halfway through, but I’m sure it’ll knit up fine.  And it’s ~450 yards, so I’ll be able to do something decent with it.



These are both from last Sunday, in the neighborhood around the art museum. (Shot on my “real” camera, since I’m still debating about DSLRs. Anyone have opinions on the Nikon D60 v. Canon’s Xti or 20D?)

This week’s fiber time has nearly all gone into plying and carding, so, with any luck, I’ll have new yarn to post by Sunday night–even with a quick trip to NYC for Passover.


My first stop today was at the art museum–four of us from my lab decided that we hadn’t been to the Philadelphia Museum of Art recently enough, so we took advantage of the pay-what-you-want rates for Sunday. This quilt, from ~1890 if I recall correctly, was made entirely from ribbon. (Note to self: learn to quilt, and then learn to weave ribbons.)




The pansies and baby maple leaves are from my roundabout walk home.

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