June 2010


Here, a fancy day lily from sometime last week.

I’m kinda-sorta-almost back. I’m pretty much all moved, and I’ve unpacked enough of my books that I don’t have to leap over boxes to get through my room. It’ll be great once Mel and Bella (the other cat in the house) get along well enough that I can leave my door open and move Mel’s litter out from under my bed (which is lofted, thank goodness).

Until then, though, I may end up moving some (more) stuff into the basement, because I really want to unpack my Victoria and do some spinning.  I can use all the calming activity I can manage, right now.

Today’s eye candy (from Wednesday afternoon)


…is up late because I went out last night:

Stars, at the Unitarian Church. It was the first time I’d been to a concert in the sanctuary rather than the basement–I was happy about the acoustics, and the height of the stage, and the general attractiveness of the space, but it was just as unairconditioned as the basement. Extra bonus non-optional sauna with concert ticket…

But, since I was hanging out near the back, where there was an occasional breeze from the doorway, I got some spinning done:

This is about half of last night’s concert-spinning. The first half was the last bit of the first ply of this yarn; this is the beginning of the 2nd (of an eventual 3ply).