fireweed.jpg, originally uploaded by enting.

This is fireweed, from….somewhere in Rocky Mountain National Park. I think it was right around Milner Pass (where Trail Ridge Road crosses the Continental Divide), but I’m not sure.

wilbur, originally uploaded by enting.

Wilbur is one of Anne‘s boys. He is both sweet and less bouncy (and thus more photographable) than his brother Orville.

Colorado was awesome, especially getting to meet Anne and Marisa.  I had a great time, and took about 300 pictures.  (I’m sure many of them will eventually find their way here.)

I had been looking forward to a weekend of catching up on housework and playing with Mel, but it turns out that I’ll be going to Lynchburg.  My grandfather died while I was away, and there’s a memorial service on Sunday.  This isn’t surprising–he’d been sick for a while, and had been switched to only palliative care about six weeks ago–so while I’m sad, I’m not devastated. 

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today, so I’ll stop trying to come up with a creative way to end this post.