April 2009

On Tuesday evening, I finished the scarf I started in December:


It was the last week or ten days of knitting while reading that did it, I think, so it’s only a week after its intended recipient defended.

And then I started a new project in some very similar yarn:


This is also long-draw-practice handspun from Enchanted Knoll batts, in Chai instead of Harvest. It’s going to have a bud lace pattern when I get back to working on it, but I needed a totally mindless project yesterday, and I don’t mind having a stockinette top-center. (It’s a design element!  Good or not, it’s planned.) I’m still pondering edgings, but I have some time.


What to do on a ridiculously hot Sunday: spin, knit, read, bake before it gets too terribly hot, and take better pictures of the new shawl:



This is Mim‘s Adamas pattern. I knit 12 repeats of the second chart rather than 14, because I was worried about running out of yarn, and then added two extra repeats of the last two lines of chart 3. I have some yarn left, but I’m happy with the narrow stripe of dark blue/green at the edging. I do need to redo the second half of the bindoff, and I’d like to eventually reblock the shawl on a surface that’s actually big enough for it, but I may try to keep the more rounded, less triangular-with-deep-scallops shape that it has now.

If I try a project like this again–making a color-graded yarn by blending two fibers–I want to make maybe five mixed-color batts instead of three; the shift from the light green to the first blended bit is more abrupt than I’d hoped.



I think I’m going to have something cold to drink and maybe another rhubarb muffin now.

Adamas is off the blocking board!


I’ll need to reblock it, after redoing the second half of the bindoff, but I think it’s going to go to Maryland more or less as-is.

The Aubrey/Maturin novels are still taking over my leisure time (I’m on book 12 now!), but I took a break last weekend to hang out with my parents in New York, where I talked them into going to the Cloisters. Fort Tryon Park was absolutely beautiful, so we spent a while there on the way to the museum.


More later–I need to fit some lunch into my midday break.




Yup, still spring out there.


Adamas is bound off–there should be pictures soon.   (New shawl for MDSW!  Which is in two weeks!  Crazy!)

So I’ve been doing more knitting than spinning, as I’m still pretty thoroughly absorbed in the Aubrey/Maturin books.



I’m nearly done with Adamas–at this point, I’m adding a couple of rows and dithering about adding a knit-on garter stitch edging instead of binding off, so I can get at least a little stripe of the darkest (unblended) blue.


And I’ve knit a few more inches onto this scarf that I’d planned on finishing a couple of months ago. Oh, well. At this point, it won’t be useful until next fall, so I refuse to let this add stress to my plenty-stressful-already life.  Even if I wind up having to mail it instead of hand-delivering it.



I spent a couple of hours last Sunday at Philadelphia’s cherry blossom festival and then wandered around my neighborhood a bit. (Yes, I took pictures of cherry blossoms, but I figured I’d post something else here.) It was a beautiful day, and lots of people were taking advantage of the weather.  I’ve preferred the somewhat cooler weather we’ve had this week, but it’s great to see all the budding, blooming, and leafing-out plants.
Four years ago yesterday, I brought home a tiny kitten:


He’s grown a lot since then…as has this blog, which I started at about the same time. As far as Mel and blog-friends, at least, these’ve been a pretty great four years.


Not much fibery stuff going on–my downtime has gotten swallowed up by the first couple of books in Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series.  Knitting while reading works okay, but it’s slower.  Good books are such a time suck.  Worthwhile, but still a time suck.  Rather like the recent increase in (unexciting but tasty) cooking.  It’s great to have Real Food for lunch, aside from its being cheaper than buying food from the café downstairs or lunch trucks, but it limits the spinning time.

It’s a grey and rainy spring day in Philly–too warm for a layer over my hoodie!–so here are some cheery photos from my parents’ yard last Saturday:





I’m not sure what that first one is, but the second photo is rhubarb and the third is hobblebush.

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