I finished those mitts on Monday night, and I’ve been wearing them in lab since then. So wonderful! Microscopes are such heat-sinks…

DSCN7516 DSCN7517

Both colors are from Boogie‘s almost-solid fiber sampler–the cuffs are moonflower, and the hands are juniper. I knit them on my Brittany 5″ size-5 dpns, until I lost one of them and subbed a bamboo size-6 for half of the second mitt; 44 stitches; afterthought thumb.

I’ve also been doing some dyeing, carding, and spinning.  I decided a while ago that the brown-and-white blend of cormo that I bought at MDSW last year wasn’t really any fun to spin despite being really soft, so I figured it’d be a perfect candidate for blending.


This is a skein of onion-dyed wool, with two more (smallish) batts behind it–I have a lot more to spin, but my attention has been elsewhere.  I was trying to get a fluffy singles yarn, but there were too many stretches of really fine yarn for me to leave it unplied.  I think it’ll work out well for something that won’t see much wear, but its specific use will depend on what I do with the rest of the wool.


This is a pile of freshly-dyed wool: white wool blend, grey wool blend, and the cormo (same wool inputs as above), which I threw in a pot with Jacquard’s “russet” dye.  I think it might be worth doubling the amount of dye next time, but I really like the color of the dye on the grey.  (Yes, I specifically wanted patchy dyeing.)

The real problem now is that I want to spin both of these, and the corriedale/silk that’s on my wheel, and also knit on Salt Peanuts and the green freeform blanket and my Peacock Feather Shawl.  Maybe this’ll help my buy less at Maryland…which would be a good thing, considering how much the car rental is going to cost.