February 2006

I made chocolate chip cookies again. I wanted to tweak that last recipe into something I’d really like (chewier cookies), and it can’t exactly hurt to take cookies to lab meeting when I’m presenting. So I added more flour, doubled what had been half a recipe, used less vanilla…and got perfect cookies.*

Except that the dough was a bit oily, or maybe I just added too many chocolate chips, ’cause I had a handful of chocolate chips in the bottom of my mixing bowl when I ran out of cookie dough. I didn’t want to try to improvise a miniature batch of cookie dough to surround them, and I didn’t want to throw them out. (And, with my sensitivity to raw animal protein, I didn’t want to eat them raw, either.) So I decided to improvise something puddingy, and I got this:


It’s kind of a cross between pudding and soufflé (bearing in mind that it’s been years since I’ve had soufflé, so I may be misremembering it). And it is so good. I may have to make something like this for the next dinner party I have. Mmmm…

Although the leftover cookie dough isn’t a terribly reproducible ingredient, here’s what I did:

1 egg, beaten
1/4 c nonfat vanilla yogurt (stonyfield farm)
1 T flour
maybe 1/4 c chocolate chips with oats and doughy bits

baked in a 16-oz corningware dish at about 300º for about 30′, aka until the top wasn’t jiggly

It fell, but it’s still really tasty.

*If you’re interested: take the recipe I posted before, double it, and bump the flour up to about 2.25c. And cut the oil to 3/4 c.


I did it! I finished my Olympic Spirit-Trail Socks a few hours ago, while watching dvds of the Muppet Show at Ella‘s.



It’s kinda impressive, how much knitting can be accomplished with two separate knitting events in one day… First was the PhillyKnitters gathering, where I knit about half the cuff, and then there was time to stop at home for the Lorna’s Worsted before heading off to Ella’s and knitting the rest.

Hurrah! Socks! Modelled pics sometime in the next few days. (I have not completed my committee meeting yet, despite the fact that it was listed as part of my event–faculty schedule conflicts delayed it until March 7th. I’m reasonably on schedule for it, though. And if you’re really curious, e-mail me, and I’ll describe my project.)

Oh, it’s so nice to be able to start knitting something else. And pick up my spindles again… But, really, I need to knit something with cables or interesting lace.

Specs on the socks:
size 5 circs (one inox, one misc aluminum)
spirit trail superwash wool, 100g/200yd
maybe 10 yards of Lorna’s Laces Worsted in Carrot
48-stitch circumference with short row heels, one short row toe and one figure-8 toe

I promise there will be some post titles without exclamation points coming up. Really.

I spent my evening hanging out with my downstairs neighbors (hurrah for socializing without leaving the building!) and watching the Olympics. Despite putting down the knitting for such things as eating dinner and watching the men’s 500m speed skating, I made quite a bit of progress:


(As of Saturday morning, I had about a third to half of the foot of the second sock.)

So, will I finish tomorrow (later today)? I’ve got two knitting events to attend, so I just might. Even if I don’t, though, this is amazing progress for me.


this week’s Thursday picture on Saturday, with a nod to my labwork

Now that I’ve been tagged for this meme/quiz twice, by Cyn and Emily, maybe I’ll post my answers.

(Fours meme in the extended entry.)


I have continued to knit away at the OK socks. Astonishingly enough, the ~100 yards of half skein actually did make a decent length of sock. I added a touch of Lorna’s Worsted in Carrot, just for the heck of it, and was highly amused to discover that it’s a perfect match for one of the intermediate colors in the Spirit Trails yarn.

I also started the second sock, for my first short-row toe ever. (No, I don’t care that the socks won’t match. They won’t be glaringly different under sandals, and that’s all that matters.)


That’s a finished sock, a short-row toe, and the provisional cast-on I had to pick out of the toe. I am not good at the provisional cast-ons. I can actually manage the crochet bit okay, but there’s something about picking up from the crochet chain that I haven’t figured out. Eh, well, I have a toe-hat anyway.

In the same color scheme, I picked up these when I went grocery shopping on Sunday:


Some time soon, when I have a few hours to spare, I’m going to wind off a third of the A-93 that I bought in September, and dye it up in red with yellow and orange. Or maybe just red with some splashes of orange. My hope is that it’ll be nice enough to use for the Lotus Blossom Shawl.

Yes, I’m getting kind of antsy with this one project for two weeks thing. But soon! Soon, I’ll have a finished pair of socks!

(You know, I think my color preferences are getting a bit…obvious? stereotyped? boring, except that they really are my favorite colors?, what with the sock yarn, the kool-aid colors, the blog color scheme…the dyed roving I got from Amy… But maybe I should look harder for green and brown, my other favorite colors.)

I know, this is the second post within a few days with an exclamation point in the title, but I’ve been craving chocolate chip cookies.


Recipe and discussion in the extended entry.


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