• The food blog to which I contribute, Farm to Philly, is organizing a One Local Summer project for this year. It’s primarily aimed at people in the Mid-Atlantic, but it sounds like it’s open to everyone else, too.

• Someone’s set up a Google map of public fruit in Philadelphia. Brilliant.

• I haven’t been doing a lot of spinning lately–my weekend went mostly to housecleaning and rearranging my kitchen so I could fit three people at my dining table–but I did spin this on Sunday:


…out of one of these, which I made on Brook‘s carder a couple of weeks ago.


• I’ve also been knitting a bit, when I can fit it in around the cooking. I’ve picked up the Peacock Feather Shawl again:


It’s another row or two along–I’ve finished chart 4–but it doesn’t look appreciably different from this. I love it, but I’m out of practice with laceweight yarn, and the knitting is slow.

• I got a shiny, new camera! It’s not the DSLR I mentioned a few weeks ago, because I am indecisive. (Anyone have recommendations re. the Canon EOS 20D or the Nikon D60 versus the Canon XTi?) However, my five-year-old digital camera has been turning itself off for no reason, including right after I turn it on and before it lets me take even one picture, so I decided to forestall cameralessness. On numerous recommendations, including Claudia’s, I picked up a PowerShot A720IS. I love it! I have a lot more figuring out to do, since it only arrived yesterday afternoon, but it has lots and lots of control options, and it’s the same size as my old camera!


Mel was sad that I stopped waving the cat dancer around and started flashing lights in his eyes. (I was wondering if the face-recognition thing would work with cats. I think it does.