October 2007

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I still haven’t been knitting much, but I did pull out my camera for a little while on Saturday.

I love this weather–the colorful foliage, the crisp, cool air… So, of course, I leave for San Diego on Friday. It’ll be fun, but something tells me I don’t need to pack for overnight frost…


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I’ve been doing a lot of working and non-fibery socializing (*gasp*) and not really very much knitting at all, but I have finished the green hat and reached the decreases on the purple Lady Hat.

Specs on the green hat:

yarn:  .75 skeins Manos del Uruguay, in the pistachio-y color

needles: bamboo 6.5mm dpns

2×2 ribbing with decreases in pattern, starting with 76 stitches

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I’m really out of the habit of blogging (and taking pictures for blogging) after a month of having no computer and lots of stress.

Here, therefore, as an attempt to shift back to such activities, is a picture taken from my grandmother’s terrace. I don’t remember this building having colorful lighting before, but perhaps I just failed to notice it. (It’s only visible from the terrace, after all…) My apologies for the blurriness.


I’m back.  I have a computer again, and I’m at least semifunctional at work.

I’ve been knitting a bit, continuing to work on the Lady Hat (see Amy Boogie’s for the pattern), and I started a 2×2 ribbed hat for myself after discovering that I could get one on even with my hair in a bun.  Since that’s my standard "I don’t want to do anything even vaguely labor-intensive with my hair" solution, I’m excited to be able to wear a hat over it.  (I’m not entirely sure why, since I barely wore hats at all last winter–opting for really warm scarves instead–but I like hats.)

I wore my Highland Triangle Shawl (which predates this blog) to the funeral on Sunday, and it was a really comforting weight on my lap, both during the service and in the car.  Knitting to the rescue, yet again.

My grandmother died today.  The funeral is on Sunday. 

She got to spend her last month in my parents’ house, in relative comfort, which is something.

There are too many different words competing right now, so I’m not going to say anything else (here) until they’ve settled down a bit.

green hand-dyed, originally uploaded by enting.

I don’t have a picture of last week’s yarn all plied, but here’s what I’ve been working on this week. (It started out as the green stuff here, and became this as an intermediate stage.)

It’s a little more thick-and-thin than I’d really like, but I was working on spinning fluffy, and I did achieve some of that.

(I still have no computer. It’s supposed to arrive later this week. I’m getting incredibly impatient…it’s been nearly a month.)