January 2008


I saw a hawk or hawk-like bird on my walk to work yesterday morning.

Much as I love living in a city and not having to drive much, I also love driving.  I got a car last night to go buy cat litter, and, though the actual shopping wasn’t particularly fun, I had good driving/parking/getting out of the driveway luck, and there just wasn’t much traffic.  It’s not exactly driving through beautiful countryside, but I’ll take what I can get.

A colleague of mine asked me the other day if I was working on any exciting projects.  We had just been talking about science, so it took until she reciprocated with “I just don’t have time” for me to realize that she meant knitting and not labwork.

I have not, however, made any photo-worthy progress on anything this week.  I’m nearly done spinning the Icelandic lamb/angora roving, though…


I spent the weekend in New York, with my parents. I had a very good time, despite missing the 7:09am train on Saturday by about two minutes and having to wait an hour for the next one. (The train time turned into a bit of knitting and a bit of napping.)


The scarf, which I’m now thinking of as the Flames Scarf, continues to grow. I am still very happy with it, even though the sides have started curling and I know it’ll need more serious blocking than I’d hoped.

My mom likes her Fetchings, and the Lady Hat has found a happy recipient whom it fits. (Not my mom.)

She also noticed this before I did:


Aside from the amazing detail work throughout the painting, that woman is wearing knitted mitts! (The painting, “Pope Gregory XVI Visiting the Church of San Benedetto at Subiaco” by Montessuy, was one of the many things we saw on our trip to the Met on Saturday. We left after six hours at the museum, because our brains were full and our feet were sore…they do have a lot of wonderful exhibits there.)

One of the other especially fun bits of the weekend was finding my grandmother’s old Scrabble set, complete with a crocheted pouch for the beautiful wooden tiles (two colors of them–we mixed the light and dark sets together, since they were each missing four tiles), and then playing Scrabble with my dad. (If any of you want to play Scrabulous on Facebook, e-mail me. I am somewhat obsessed.)

More later, when I hope to have either a new knitting project or some fresh yarn in a nicely photographable state.


Over the weekend, I finished plying this green-and-yellow wool blend that I dyed last summer.  It’s approximately 150 yards of sport-weight, with some fingering bits.  It’s a lovely springy colorway, perfect for the coldest weather yet this year.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll dye up another batch and knit socks…but other suggestions (including trades, perhaps) would be welcome.

I’ve now started spinning the dark grey Icelandic lamb/angora blend I picked up from Frelsi Farm at the Vermont Sheep & Wool.  Oh, how I love spinning laceweight.  The only problem is that I don’t knit it up very quickly…


Whee!  Since I finished two projects last week, I let myself put the third almost-finished thing on other needles so I could use this one for my ROY BFL handspun.

I love knitting with handspun.  Especially since this is gradually striping…mmm.  I’m enjoying this pattern, too–it’s the Stork’s Nest Scarf from the new Piecework*.  It’s  quite simple, and I’ve got it memorized already,  but I like the rhythm.

(I’ll grant that this is better than having him sit on my arms or walk on the keyboard, but Mel has decided that he’s going to sit between me and my computer, making it awfully difficult for me to see the screen.  I’m glad I can touch–type.)

Okay, okay, I think it’s time to play with the cat.

*If you can find it, it’s worth at least a look–it’s the 2nd annual historical knitting issue, and it’s got an article on and directions for Rovaniemi mittens, which I saw a while ago on Stephanie‘s blog and thought were awesome.


It’s also for autumn, which goes nicely with apple season. The beginning of apple season, for me, marks the approach of cooler and generally more pleasant weather, plus the availability of one of my favorite snack foods. (Apples are also a major component of my fallback dinner plan of apples-and-peanut-butter.) Since my discovery of farmers’ market apples and the wider selection of varieties available, I’ve grown especially fond of Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp, Royalty, and Suncrisp apples. Mmmm. (*Crunch*.)


Of course, A is also for axon guidance, to which I devote far more of my time and energy than I do toward apples, but this isn’t a science blog. Briefly, axon guidance is the study of one aspect of neural development, in which neurons send branches to the cells with which they’re supposed to communicate in the developed nervous system; we’re working on figuring out how the cells match themselves up. (If you have questions, I’m happy to talk science over e-mail.)



(Hmf. I can’t get the picture to link to the Ravelry group, but I don’t have time to mess with it now.)


Since today’s supposed to be cold and rainy, I present the lovely blue sky from last Sunday.  (This includes a speck of a plane in the middle, even.)

Two FOs in one week!


Quick specs, ’cause it’s late (also here):

Pattern: Fetching

Needles: my new 5″ 4mm bamboo dpns, which have made all this mitt-knitting much more pleasant

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool, dyed with some leftover dyestock that broke.

Mods: Other than changing the gauge, all I did was add a couple of rounds to each thumb.

I really like the way Fetching and Dashing insert the thumbs–I found the directions really clear, and the thumbs fit better than some of the other ways I’ve seen. These are the second component of my mom’s birthday present, which I’m going to give her several weeks early, when I see her next weekend.

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