July 2007

After two weeks of life exploding and preventing me from participating in One Local Summer, I finally pulled together a completely-local dinner last night:

one local summer, week 5

This is salad mix under sautéed tofu, purple beans, purple pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, and mushrooms, all either acquired directly from local farmers at the farmers’ market or labelled "local" at the co-op.  Non-local ingredients: olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika, basil, parsley (imported from my dad’s CSA).  It was pretty mild, but that meant that the flavors of the veggies came through.

handspun wool/mohair sock

This is the beginning of a sock I’m knitting out of my handspun.  I am possibly unreasonably excited about knitting socks with handspun.  (I’m also happy about knitting socks on a 3 and a 4 instead of a 2.5 and a 2.75mm needle.)


I have a huge pile of freshly dyed wool!  I think I know what I’m going to be doing this weekend…lots of spinning.  And probably even more gazing at my wool with a smile on my face.

I showed the first batch of roving on Sunday; here’s the rest:

dye day fiber

The three bits on the left were microwave-dyed; the fourth was kettle-dyed blue; the two on the right started out as grey-brown wool blend. 


I think this shows the blueishness of the kettle-dyed stuff a bit better.  Anyway, it’s a lovely greyish blue.

Now, the yarn.  I bought two half-pound skeins of Henry’s Attic kid mohair specifically for dye-day.  One of them is now yellow and orange and brownish-orangey:

yellow-orange-brown mohair

This may just turn into an Icarus shawl as soon as it gets sufficiently cool and dry to deal with mohair.

The other skein was supposed to be chocolate brown with bits of yellow. 

chocolate mohair

That’s basically what it is (the yellow bits are hiding from the camera), but the brown came out a little purplier than I wanted, so I’m going to let it sit for a while and think about what to do with it.

And…I overdyed the stuff I posted about last week:


Much better.

I’ve been reading and working and rereading, without much fibery happening, so you get pictures of other things today.

cranberry-spice muffins

These are cranberry-spice muffins that I made last night, after discovering that I didn’t have enough nuts for granola.  (Approximate recipe in the extended entry.)




And these are flowers from along my walk to work.  (I think they’re dahlias.  Please correct me if you know they’re not.)


I spent Saturday with a bunch of the PhillyFiberists, dyeing lots of wool.


This is the one batch of my dyeing that I brought home (they were all still at least damp when I left)–5oz of BFL, which may turn into socks.   (More pictures on Friday, when I’ll have the rest of it.)

Dyeing is awesome. 

orange-moth.jpg, originally uploaded by enting.

Not all moths are horrible.

I have no idea what kind this one is, just that it’s not going to try to eat either my wool or my grains. And that it’s pretty. (I found it in the entryway, attracted by the lamp.)

Happy Friday! It’s something like ten degrees cooler than yesterday, so I’m pleased.

I’ve already started knitting with my onion-dyed wool:

multi-directional scarf.JPG

It’s a multi-directional scarf–I’ve knit the first bit and started the first short-row section.

I’ve also done some more comfort spinning–this is about 45 yards of random fluff.  I may overdye it; I don’t really like the color, but part of the reason I put most of this stuff into blends was because I didn’t like the starting material.  Eh, it was fun to spin.

more comfort spinning.JPG

As I said last week, I’ve been doing some comfort spinning to try to deal with some of the unpleasantness of life.  Here’s the wool I dyed with onion skins, all spun up:


Some of it is wound into a ball because I didn’t secure the skein very well before finishing.  I’d like to think I’ve learned my lesson…but we’ll see.  It’s not especially even, but I don’t really care.  It was fun to spin, and it’ll still be great for the project I have in mind.

And here’s a fellow spinner whom I found in my kitchen the other day. 


On a semi-related note, I think a bunch of people I know will appreciate this felted insect pattern booklet.  I found it through Ravelry.  (Such a dangerous time-suck, but such fun!)

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