July 2005

I noticed that it’s been a long while since I posted a photo of knitting. I figured tonight was the right time to do so, ’cause this picture can serve as a benchmark for measuring how much real progress I make on the flower basket shawl at the SnB tomorrow.

five repeats

And now, another vacation-related picture. I mentioned the booksale that my parents and I went to; well, I also dug a couple of (dozen) books out of boxes in the closet in my room the big guest-room. Since I couldn’t very well carry all of them plus my week and a half’s worth of luggage and fiber home on the train, my parents mailed me two boxes of books. Pictured here are the books I got at and because of the book sale. (Some of them were books my dad bought that he discovered later were duplicates.)

the braiding book should be interesting for edgings

And here’s a gratuitous picture of Mel, who’s been particularly cute and sleepy (and not pointy!) since I got home from work:



I’m joining the Eat Local Challenge for next month.

So, for the month of August, all the food I buy is going to be from the farmers’ market or the co-op, with the co-op foods being marked as local, with the following exceptions: milk, juice, yogurt, salad greens, and dry goods. I’m also going to keep eating things that are already in my kitchen (including my very full freezer), and I’ll probably buy lunch or otherwise eat out a few times, but this should be fun. I don’t know how different it’ll really be, since I buy most of my produce at the farmers’ market anyway, but I like the idea.

I have completely forgotten which knitblogger posted a sample budget spreadsheet (with spending categories that included “yarn and wine”), but, whoever you are, I thank you. I may actually keep track of my spending now that I have a budget that’s more than a scrap of paper with approximated income, bills, and savings written on it. (And just in time, since my rent is going up and my stipend isn’t.)

edit: AHA! It was Crazy Aunt Purl! Go read her blog, even if you don’t need help with budgeting. She’s great.

Yesterday was the second day in a row of excessive heat warnings in Philadelphia. How would that inspire me to knit? Well…not the weather so much. But, like a good knitter, I had my two front-burner projects with me, so, when I found myself waiting for someone for twenty minutes, I knit about a row of FBS. Ah, lace. And then, when I went to get groceries at Trader Joe’s, I had to take my shawl out of my totebag so I could arrange my milk and orange juice without hurting it. That started a nice conversation with the cashier, who’s a knitter newly moved to Philadelphia–I pointed her in the direction of two nearby yarn stores, and mentioned the online communities.

As a testament to today’s much-improved weather (high of 82ºF, yesterday’s temperature at 6:54am), I found myself thinking about shawl shape on my walk to work. I’d like to knit another shawl for my mom, one that’s wider than the usual half-square. That is, I want to knit a triangular shawl whose point is maybe 120º instead of 90º. I think the Feather and Fan Triangle shawl in Folk Shawls is wider like this, but do any of you know of other examples?

I had a very nice weekend. Since I had kitten-playing-with guests both days, I think Mel appreciated it, too. And, most exciting, I actually did some knitting. Anju convinced me that the free TMBG concert at Penn’s Landing wouldn’t just be a kids’ concert, so I met up with her and Tim at the entrance. (I also saw several people from work, which amused me.)

Anyway, I knitted about a third of a repeat of the Flower Basket Shawl on the trolley on the way there. Since I don’t have a new picture, I’ll just ask you to imagine a four-repeat FBS in variegated grey. (Add to the list of “ways in which Naomi is weird”: I see FBS on knitting blogs, and I have to correct myself from “fetal bovine serum”)

During the concert, of course, I couldn’t concentrate enough to knit lace, so I switched to the second wildfoote sock, which grew by about half an inch. Again, no new picture, but I’m sure you can imagine a two-inch toe-hat in red variegated yarn. (Who, me? Variegated yarn in everything? I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

After the concert, we had dinner at Kabul, a nearby Afghan restaurant about which I had heard good things. The food was excellent, if a smidgen pricier than my usual haunts (read: entrees for more than $10), and I particularly liked the lamb with eggplant and the curried pumpkin. Anyone know of good recipes for Afghan-style pumpkin curries?

Then, on Sunday, Anj and Sue came over for dinner and playing with Mel. They brought a blueberry clafouti, which was both delicious and part of my decision to use my blueberries in chocolate cake. It is also quite likely that I will try a pear clafouti when there are pears at the farmers’ market.

Friends + cooking + fibercrafting + music = happy Naomi

edit: oh, yeah, and the concert was quite good, as I’d expect from them

I bought some blueberries at the farmers’ market over the weekend, and, since I’ve been eating so many blueberries and cherries this month, I decided to bake with them. This is my standard vegan chocolate cake recipe, plus blueberries. Mmmmm…. It came out very nicely.

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Blueberries

Preheat oven to 350º.

sift together
1 1/2 c flour
1 c + 2 T sugar
6 T cocoa
1 t baking soda
1/16 t salt (very scant 1/8 t)

combine & add
1 c cold water
1/4 c oil
1 T vinegar
2 t vanilla

stir in most of a pint of fresh blueberries

bake 25-30′
makes a thick 8″ round

I spent my evening reading the new Shoebox Project and the new Harry Potter book. Nothing new is happening re. fibers, except that I got more roving from Three Waters Farm yesterday.

So that this post isn’t entirely pointless, here’s a picture:


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