Yesterday was the second day in a row of excessive heat warnings in Philadelphia. How would that inspire me to knit? Well…not the weather so much. But, like a good knitter, I had my two front-burner projects with me, so, when I found myself waiting for someone for twenty minutes, I knit about a row of FBS. Ah, lace. And then, when I went to get groceries at Trader Joe’s, I had to take my shawl out of my totebag so I could arrange my milk and orange juice without hurting it. That started a nice conversation with the cashier, who’s a knitter newly moved to Philadelphia–I pointed her in the direction of two nearby yarn stores, and mentioned the online communities.

As a testament to today’s much-improved weather (high of 82ºF, yesterday’s temperature at 6:54am), I found myself thinking about shawl shape on my walk to work. I’d like to knit another shawl for my mom, one that’s wider than the usual half-square. That is, I want to knit a triangular shawl whose point is maybe 120º instead of 90º. I think the Feather and Fan Triangle shawl in Folk Shawls is wider like this, but do any of you know of other examples?