I had a very nice weekend. Since I had kitten-playing-with guests both days, I think Mel appreciated it, too. And, most exciting, I actually did some knitting. Anju convinced me that the free TMBG concert at Penn’s Landing wouldn’t just be a kids’ concert, so I met up with her and Tim at the entrance. (I also saw several people from work, which amused me.)

Anyway, I knitted about a third of a repeat of the Flower Basket Shawl on the trolley on the way there. Since I don’t have a new picture, I’ll just ask you to imagine a four-repeat FBS in variegated grey. (Add to the list of “ways in which Naomi is weird”: I see FBS on knitting blogs, and I have to correct myself from “fetal bovine serum”)

During the concert, of course, I couldn’t concentrate enough to knit lace, so I switched to the second wildfoote sock, which grew by about half an inch. Again, no new picture, but I’m sure you can imagine a two-inch toe-hat in red variegated yarn. (Who, me? Variegated yarn in everything? I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

After the concert, we had dinner at Kabul, a nearby Afghan restaurant about which I had heard good things. The food was excellent, if a smidgen pricier than my usual haunts (read: entrees for more than $10), and I particularly liked the lamb with eggplant and the curried pumpkin. Anyone know of good recipes for Afghan-style pumpkin curries?

Then, on Sunday, Anj and Sue came over for dinner and playing with Mel. They brought a blueberry clafouti, which was both delicious and part of my decision to use my blueberries in chocolate cake. It is also quite likely that I will try a pear clafouti when there are pears at the farmers’ market.

Friends + cooking + fibercrafting + music = happy Naomi

edit: oh, yeah, and the concert was quite good, as I’d expect from them