This edition of Eye Candy Friday is brought to you by the silly decision to start a 36-exposure roll of film halfway through a day of hiking (when I also had a digital camera with me).  All of the pictures here are from wandering around Philly in the last week of June, trying to use up the roll of film before my hiking companions forgot that I’d taken more pictures. 

I’m also declaring this to be my 007 post for June despite the fact that two of these pictures are actually from July 1st.



I love sidewalk weeds.





This week has been both work-busy and really hot, so I haven’t spun since I rearranged my living room on Saturday.  Although I have been knitting a bit, both on the Tess’s sock and on the Peacock Feather Shawl, they’re not really picture-ready yet.  The roses blooming all over Philly, on the other hand, are well worth my camera time…and a rose is particularly appropriate this week because I’ve been rereading Rose Daughter

There will be knitting pictures soon, though–I promise!



Really, really spring.  The wisteria is even blooming now, as are many of the lilacs. 


March was my Month Of Many Concerts.  I attended five shows in four weeks: those represented above, plus Anonymous 4 on the 1st (the ticket stub for which has disappeared).  A lot of my month has been about running around like a madwoman but doing more fun stuff than in the running-around-like-a-madwoman of January and February.  Four of the shows (everything except the organ recital, which was by far my least favorite of that series)  were great, and I am content.

And here’s a picture from the Decemberists show (the only one at which I took out my camera):




I spent even more time than usual in lab and otherwise working during February.  Since I can’t share what I was actually working on, I snapped a couple of pictures of things on my bench (lab workspace).  (Yes, they’re usually covered.  No, I’m not worried about having left the tubes and tips uncovered for long enough to take these pictures.)


My January photo for the Shoot a Dozen Days thingy is from the biopond (this afternoon).  Just a little wintery without being completely frozen, the way this month has been.