I noticed that it’s been a long while since I posted a photo of knitting. I figured tonight was the right time to do so, ’cause this picture can serve as a benchmark for measuring how much real progress I make on the flower basket shawl at the SnB tomorrow.

five repeats

And now, another vacation-related picture. I mentioned the booksale that my parents and I went to; well, I also dug a couple of (dozen) books out of boxes in the closet in my room the big guest-room. Since I couldn’t very well carry all of them plus my week and a half’s worth of luggage and fiber home on the train, my parents mailed me two boxes of books. Pictured here are the books I got at and because of the book sale. (Some of them were books my dad bought that he discovered later were duplicates.)

the braiding book should be interesting for edgings

And here’s a gratuitous picture of Mel, who’s been particularly cute and sleepy (and not pointy!) since I got home from work: