The title refers both to the fact that I think I’ll be back to blogging more regularly now that I’ve basically finished school stuff and packing/moving stuff (unpacking is a different question, but it’s less urgent) and to the welcome I got from the weather here in Vermont:


That’s looking out toward the deck and backyard, a few minutes ago.

This next photo is from last Tuesday, in Philly:


Just a little different, there… But I don’t have to go anywhere today, so the snow and wind aren’t a problem.


As far as fiber, I’ve finished a batch of spindle-plying and started a new set of AbbyBatts:

IMG_5739 IMG_5740

And I finally finished knitting my Hedgerows of Screams:


(Photo taken before moving.)


Also, thank you to everyone for congratulations on my defense. (WP had some comment-emailing hiccups, and I got caught up in an extra experiment for my paper as well as moving stuffs, but I do appreciate your comments.)


I have stuff to post from San Diego, but I’m off to NYC for Thanksgiving. Here, then, is a photo from/of one thing (among many) for which I am thankful: the South Street bridge has reopened, so my route home is simpler and enough shorter that it’s reasonable to walk in nice weather. This photo is from two weeks ago, the first week the bridge was open again.


Today, I am 29. Things haven’t turned out the way I’d envisioned, but life is mostly good, and y’all are part of that, for which I thank you.

The photo is from Monday morning–my favorite weather plus beautiful foliage, on my way to work.


While I’m posting, here’s an updated photo of my Hedgerows Shawlette, only a day behind its actual size.


I can see the thick-and-thin effects in a few places, at least…


Rhinebeck was fantastic, but it’ll take too long to post right now, so here’s an example of South Philly being pretty. Last night’s sunset, over the library.


I was in a lousy mood yesterday morning, so I made myself stop and try to get some nice photos of this patch of flowers, even though they’re not at all my favorites. It helped a bit, and the gloriously autumnal weather is helping more, but I wish this stupid headcold would go away and let me be.

This is the photo I was looking for a week and a half ago, when I missed ECF:


It’s from a couple of years ago, but I’d just passed those flowers again. (They’re still there now, but they’re definitely past their prime.)



These are from Monday, in the garden near my lab.

I’m really going to try to post something substantial this weekend…but it’s bedtime now.


I hate this weather so very, very much.

Maybe I’ll post something more cheerful over the weekend, as I’ve got more stuff to show, but right now, y’all just get this flower.





From Wednesday’s walk home.

Bonus knitting picture:


I’ve finished my sample-knitting and am back to knitting with handspun. Super-cheery sunflower handspun from last summer’s Tour de Fleece, fiber from the previous November’s Spunky Club Swa(m)p. I started with some stockinette, but I’ve switched over to the main pattern from the Little Arrowhead Shawl; I plan to start the border pattern just about where the yarn turns red. (I can see some orangey yellow peeking out of the ball of yarn now that I’ve knit a few more rows than are pictured here. Color changes are fun.)




These are from last Friday. (It’s been overcast or raining for much of this week.) Roses aren’t in my list of very favorite flowers, but there are so many of them blooming right now that I keep stopping, struck by the sudden burst of fragrance. It makes walking to work more fun.

mock orange

mock orange


All of these are from yesterday afternoon.

Ducklings! (And turtles, but the turtles don’t change all that much over the course of the year.)



There should be knitting pics sometime soon–if I don’t run out of yarn and have to cobble together a solution of some kind, I’ll probably finish Springtime Bandit tonight.

Yesterday morning, on my way to lab after doing my laundry (at the laundromat, where things work much better if I go in the morning), my mood kept shifting between “oy, I hate this weather!” (because it was already hot and sticky) and “oh, look! flowers! and more flowers! and more flowers!”

My ideal: today’s weather (much cooler), with all the flowers.










I should maybe have picked fewer of these to share, but I couldn’t. All of these (plus more on flickr) are from yesterday’s walk to work.

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