July 2010


I hate this weather so very, very much.

Maybe I’ll post something more cheerful over the weekend, as I’ve got more stuff to show, but right now, y’all just get this flower.

Oops. I kinda disappeared for a while, there. I kept thinking “oh, I’ll post later”, and then it never happened. So! Here’re a couple of pictures from a few weeks ago. I didn’t used to like hydrangeas, but the color-shifting properties have grown on me.



I’ve been doing a bunch of spinning for the Tour de Fleece, too:


That’s two batches of Spunky Club (Field of Screams and Kentucky Derby), two batches of Southern Cross Fibre Club (Molten and Deep Thought), and some corriedale/silk from Handspun by Stefania.

And some knitting–thanks to commuting time, I’m nearly done with my Pretty Thing, and I’m going to try to get pictures up by Sunday.