Thanks in part to Wednesday night’s concert, I finished the aurora headband last night/this morning. (I finished the knitting last night but didn’t seam it until morning.)

new headband

aurora is sparkly

I love the sparkle. And the gradual stripes. And the softness. And the fact that, this being birthday-present yarn, I get to think of my friend E. every time I see or touch it. And H. said that she couldn’t tell that it was seamed (at least while I’m wearing the headband), so I’m even happier with it.

Basics: about half a ball of Noro Aurora, knit on 4mm bamboo dpns, 24 stitches, mostly feather-and-fan with a bit of the Dream Swatch pattern at the beginning. Knit until it stretched to fit around my head.


In my paranoia about running out of concert knitting, I started a new (pair of) sock(s) on Wednesday. I got as far as splitting the yarn and two rounds of post-cast-on knitting before the show, and then I didn’t run out of headband, but I went back to sock-knitting at fiber night last night.

stripy sock

This is Trekking XXL in a brown stripe colorway that I picked up a while ago from the sale bin at Loop. I’m finally feeling like I’m remembering how to do the magic toe-up cast-on; maybe I’ll test myself on the second sock. The true milestone on this sock: I’m knitting it magic loop, thanks to some clarifications from Rebecca. Yay, new techniques! I may regret not having a longer needle when I get to the heel, though…


Now, a little more about the concert. I have concluded that World Café Live is my favorite venue, because it not only has reserved seats, good food and beer with only slightly exorbitant pricing, the occasional concert at which I don’t need earplugs, and is a comfortable temperature, it is also extremely conveniently located. (I like not having to take buses, especially late at night.) Paul and Storm were, as I said, the best opening band I’ve ever seen. Especially because I have to wear earplugs in order to not be in pain during nearly every concert I ever attend, I really appreciate enunciation. And witty lyrics. They had a lovely range of songs that were a very good complement to Jonathan Coulton’s, and they included some fake commercial jingles and a number of musical imitations. Nearly all of those were hilarious, even the ones that were imitations of musicians with whom I am not familiar. I know they also played a few songs that were more….suited to repeat listening and listening-at-work, but it’s been long enough that I’ve forgotten what those were. I should look into that. (They were definitely good enough, both as musicians/writers and as performers) that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them as a not-opening band, and I will happily see them again, but I’m hesitant to buy an album that’d be half full of things I wouldn’t want to play at work.) Jonathan Coulton’s set was also full of clever lyrics and highly enjoyable audience participation. I think I’m running out of even vaguely useful things to say, but, basically, love songs that include mad scientists or moons/dwarf planets as characters make me happy.