It’s deadly hot here (so weird to go outside after wearing a hoodie in lab all day!), so this week’s OLS meal was mostly salad. I cooked the corn while I was chopping veggies. (Although I considered skipping the corn this week, because I’d have to cook it, I hate to miss a week of corn season.)

one local summer, week 6

Local: corn, pepper, tofu, zucchini, cucumber, yellow bean. Not local: salad dressing.

Now, since my knitting time last night was entirely consumed by fixing a mistake a few rows back (note to self: don’t try to knit lace when you can barely keep your eyes open), it’s time to work some more on those swap socks.

(Also, I think it’s funny that last year’s OLS Week 6 meal was a very similar salad.  Seems like OLS started earlier this year, though, since it’s not August yet.)