I am feeling substantially better (as of Saturday), but I’m now busy and tired. I’m tired for at least somewhat good reasons–I was out late-ish last night, at a Sixers* game, and then I stayed up late knitting. That’s only a somewhat good reason because I discovered just before midnight that the nearly six inches of hat I’d knit since Sunday afternoon (mostly either at the game or in transit there and back) was about an inch too small around. I’m now worried I may not have enough yarn for the hat if it’s the right size, and it’s the one present I really need to have ready.

To console myself, though, I knit a bit more on Fetching.


I decided that the onion-dyed yarn was too subtle for the multidirectional scarf pattern, so it’s being repurposed as a midwinter gift. I really like it here–there’s just enough texture to not be boring, but the various browns show up well.

Oh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here yet, but I’ve been writing for a local food group blog called Farm to Philly. I just posted about some jamming from Sunday–apple-maple stuff that’s somewhere between apple butter and jam in texure.

*It often surprises people, but I like watching the occasional team-active sport, especially when I can get free tickets. Just don’t try to make me watch baseball or expect me to show a strong preference for any particular team.