This week hasn’t been especially bloggably interesting, and it’s been hot enough that I haven’t taken my camera outside–all of my garden time has been raspberry picking.  I did make a third batch of jam…

I have, however, continued spinning.  One of the projects I thought I’d get to during the Tour (really, a project I devised while digging for other (specific) things for TdF spinning) is another mixed lot of handpainted tops to spin together for a sweater lot.  The basic set looks like this:


though I’ve added another one, a blue-green-grey targhee.  I split each braid into ~1 oz pieces, spread them out, and paired up the various bits, making sure to keep each pair unique.  (I’m spinning 2-ply yarns, plying any leftovers back with themselves until I start having duplicates of the leftovers.)

And I thought that, since I was starting to spin for another sweater, I ought to start knitting the one I spun for last fall. This batch of yarns


is on its way to becoming a Bernhardt. I had a little trouble getting started, since my gauge is a bit different and the pattern phrases things in ways that are not entirely intuitive to me, but I’m about half an inch into the hem ribbing and really enjoying it.

With any luck, I’ll have a lot more done by next week–I’ll have upwards of 12 hours in the car over the next couple of days, so plenty of knitting time.