So! After I went to the Duomo, I thought I’d wander away from the super-touristy areas, toward a couple of gardens.

On the way, I walked through the Piazza della Libertà:

Piazza della Libertà

And crossed the Torrente Mugnone, which has some lovely little pedestrian bridges:
Torrente Mugnone

I wandered through a gardeny thing that was basically a public park, then sat for a while on a bench by the canal and spun:


Then, I looked around the Florence botanical garden, which was nice, but a leeetle expensive for what it was.




I especially loved these roses, for the way they’ve got pink and cream buds but they look white when they’re open.


Then, on Sunday, I escaped most of the rain and went to the Palazzo Pitti.  Alas, again, no photos allowed inside, and it’s fairly full of impressive stuff.  (A word of warning, though: the definition of “modern art” they use for the Palatine gallery?  Means 1800s.  I’ll grant that it’s more modern than a lot of the works there, but it’s still not what I think of as modern.)  I would, however, highly recommend the costume gallery.

It looked like the rain had stopped, so I went out into the Boboli Gardens, at which point it resumed raining.  I didn’t stay long, but I did get a couple of photos.  Definitely not my style of garden, but imagining fancy parties in it was kinda fun.


And that was my last touristy excursion in Italy, not counting a very nice dinner (including a chocolate cake with flaming sugar), before I got on a train to go back to England via Paris.  (Man, that was a nice train ride!  And I got to see the Alps!)  Next up: Yorkshire.