Your card is the first one I got. I was home from college, sorting through the huge pile of credit card offers that was typical ten years ago. First, I tossed all the ones with promotions like “cash back, if you carry a balance”. Then I picked your offer because the card design was prettiest.

I’ve been generally happy with you. You keep offering extra (paid) services, but I figure most cards do that, and I never sign up for them. You have a more customer-friendly online-payment setup than the other card I use–I like that you credit online payments on the day of payment rather than three days later.

However! I just got a notice from you, congratulating me on being upgraded to a rewards card, as “[y]our way of rewarding [me] for being such a valued customer”. This upgrade comes with a $49 annual fee, assessed “in part on the limited use of [my] account”. You’re my primary credit card. My other card is a rewards card, with no fee, but I find their delay-of-payment thing sufficiently underhanded that I don’t use it as much. I’m also led to wonder what makes me “such a valued customer” if you think my use of your card is “limited”. And those weren’t totally separate comments, on different fliers: you said I was a valued customer who doesn’t use her card enough on the same piece of paper.

I’ve called to opt out of the upgrade. It only took a couple of minutes, once I reached a person. For now, at least, I’ll keep using your card as my primary shopping device, if for no other reason than that I keep forgetting the security code for my other card. But pull that kind of trick a few more times, and I’ll cancel your card.