I was going to wait to have better pictures and time to write something more coherent, but there’s more and more and more stuff to do (both fibery and not), and if I actually wait for time to take good pictures and then time to write, it’ll be July and I’ll be busy with other stuff, so it might actually be December or something.

So, here:



Springtime Bandit, 5 repeats of body chart, half the edging chart, 12g left of a ball of Brooks Farm Acero. Knit on 5mm needle. Has been done for ten days, and I still haven’t woven in the ends. (And I’ve worn it twice.) Color is much more accurate in the picture with Mel.

And here:


Very Full Spindle. Though it could fit more if I really wanted, I suspect. At least 4 oz of fiber, there, the batts I got a little over a year ago in a swap with Sherie.