It’s late, I’m just about to leave work now, and I’m not taking my computer home, so here’s a quick photo:


It’s my mom’s birthday present, the scarf I warped on February 7th.  It’s also the Pleasant Stuff I alluded to just after the weekend of the 13th/14th, when I finished the weaving, but it took until last night for me to finish twisting the fringe.

I’m really happy with it (hence the hurrah mentioned above).  I love the way the carded Zombies goes with the handpainted merino/bamboo, and it drapes beautifully and is really soft.  It’s still got a few signs of my inexperience, mostly along the edges, but they shouldn’t be too noticeable when it’s in active use.


Also, in case anyone other than Chris wasn’t sure what I meant by angelina, it’s one of the varieties of sparkly stuff that sometimes get blended into batts.