It’s been a while since I’ve posted a general update of knitting and spinning, so here’s what’s active now.  Unfortunately, it’s been grey and dark, so these are just evening pictures with flash.

First, the Olympic projects:

Hedgerow mitts, altered for thicker yarn. It’s hard to see the texture, even in person, but the one that’s finished except for the thumb is comfy and squishy. I think I may have to knit another pair in finer yarn that’ll show the pattern better.

And plying of the batts from Sherie from last winter. This one may very well not get finished this week, but I’m definitely getting better with the low-whorl spindle, and that’s the main point.

Now, for the (spinning & knitting) things that are distracting me from my Olympic projects:

Revontuli is still growing. It’s more portable than the Hedgerow mitts, because of the bulk of the unknitted yarn, and it doesn’t require much attention any more.

(Crud. This picture is out of focus in addition to being a flash-in-semi-dark-room shot. But it’s already 20 minutes after I said I was going to go offline, and I’m exhausted.) This is the silk I’m spinning on my travelling spindle. I’m pretty sure the colorway is Wood Elves; it’s the little bit of extra stuff that Josette stuck in with a big custom order last fall. I’m enjoying spinning it really fine, so the plan is to use it as embroidery thread.

And these are my Good Fortune batts, which I started spinning last….January? I finished and wound off the singles in October, when I thought my Victoria was going to be going on a field trip. Plying on the wheel is so very much smoother than my low-whorl plying right now, even with a regrettably clacky bobbin.

Interesting.  Much more green/brown skewed than I’ve been spinning and knitting recently.  Now, it’s time for bed and for hoping very, very hard that we continue to get rain for the next few days, with no accumulating snow whatsoever.