Lots and lots of yarn, even (at least if you’re counting by yardage).  I used to be really prompt about washing my handspun, but I’ve been doing a lot of laundry in the sink since I moved to my current apartment (which does not have an in-unit washer and dryer, or even laundry in the building), so I’ve been putting off anything resembling optional laundry.

First, the yarn of which I am proudest right now:


That’s David/Southern Cross Fibre’s December club, Falkland wool in Funhouse. I got about 850 yards out of my 4 ounces. I think it’s going to be a Revontuli.

The yarn I spun right before that was this stuff:


There’s about 230 yards of 3ply, plus a smidge of 2ply; it’s Finn wool in Acadia, from the Spunky Club shipment from September, 2008. It’s really soft, and it was a lot of fun to spin. I’m glad I bought another 4 oz of Finn at Rhinebeck.  (No idea what this’s going to be.  Suggestions are welcome, as long as they’re not “send it to me!”)

Last November/December, I signed up for a handspun swap with the Enchanted Knoll Farm group on Ravelry, for which I spun this:


Superwash merino in Fawkes, plus a smidge of silver angelina. I didn’t measure the yardage on any of them, but those are 1-ounce skeins.

….And, since I was enjoying spinning the Funhouse as singles, I decided to try spinning some Corriepaca as singles.


The first sample was finer than I wanted, so I plied it; the second sample was okay, but I’m not so fond of the way the color was working. So I’m spinning some brown/grey/black shetland now, instead, as singles practice. (Note that the corriepaca mini skeins are not washed.)

In other spinning news, I’m nearly done with the Hibiscus Abbybatt that’s been on my travelling spindle for the last few months. I’m going to see if I can get it finished tonight, lest I run out halfway to work tomorrow morning.