This is not being a good morning. I couldn’t bring myself to get up when the alarm first went off, and eventually abandoned my plan to come in early.

Then, while I was getting the trash ready to go out, Mel went into full frenzy mode. Not only did he leap up to my waist, he kept climbing as far as my shoulder, only realizing he was really in trouble after he’d scratched my face. (Ow.) So, he’s got shorter claws now…but he kept being a pest until I got in the shower.

Oh, and I nearly left for work without my glasses.

So today was the first day in a few weeks when I spun on my way to work. It’s been cold, and I had a bit of trouble getting the spindle going (until my fingers warmed up), but that bit of spinning made me feel much more human. And capable of dealing with the rest of the day.