As I said, I’ve got some fresh spinning to post:


This is an ounce of cotswold/cvm from Jen at Spirit Trail. I had spun half of it, then set it aside, and spun the other half and did all the plying during Chanukah, by candlelight and trying not to look at the drafting much. It was a fun project–I could see my (pale) hands, but not the fiber, so I watched my hands and how they moved. I’m not really thrilled with the yarn–the dark red was much more prominent in the roving–but it might be in the right color family to go into that woven blanket I (think I) mentioned yesterday.

And this, though it isn’t skeined or finished yet, is my Acadia Finn:


And, since he inserted himself into both of the yarn photos, here’s a photo of just Mel:


Complete with a smidge of Acadia in the corner.