Alas, I’m still busy.  But I’ve managed to fit in some Finishing of Objects, so here are a couple of pictures.

First, I finished my first Official Weaving Project, the scarf I posted about in…probably November:



It’s not perfect, but it’s a first project, and it’s totally usable. It’s long enough to wrap around twice, to keep my face warm, and it’s soft and only 156g. The weft includes some commercial yarn, some of my handspun, some of my handdyed/carded/spun yarn, and some handspun from my friend Sarah. I love it.

…And I finished this fall/winter’s one knitted gift, for my dad’s birthday:


In case it’s not immediately obvious, it’s a tea cozy, specifically designed for his favorite teapot. Most of it is Manos, with stripes of my handspun (merino/mohair from Spirit Trail Fiberworks and merino/silk from probably Louet, purchased ages ago at NEFA).

Time to finish my lunch and stop typing one-handed. There might be spinning pictures tomorrow.