I may be in a small minority here, but I prefer Standard Time to Daylight Time, at least this week.  I am not a morning person, at all, though I can pretend to be one when I have to.  This, combined with lab schedules, means that early sunset just makes me feel better about working late–there’s no way I’ll leave before sunset, so why not stay the extra hour to finish that experiment–and I actually get some sunlight before I have to leave my house.  So, taking advantage of some of that sunlight: this is my current walk-to-work spinning, an Abbybatt in Hibiscus.  (This is 3 mornings’ spinning, so probably about an hour’s worth.)

And, though it’s not terribly attractive yet, here’s some other knitting I’ve been doing:


This is my Zombies yarn (which may need a different name…), a couple of rounds into the lace pattern of the Bird’s Nest Cowl from Elann.


In other news, I think I’ve figured out how to convince Mel to sit in my lap: keep the heat low enough that I want to knit with a blanket on my lap.  He’s always been fond of the acrylic blanket that was the second rectangular thing I knit, but he seems okay with fleece throws, too.