…the beach edition.





It had been far, far too long since I’d spent time at the beach.  Last weekend was wonderful–peaceful, relatively quiet….  (except for the end of the drive back, when there was pretty bad traffic).  I played in the waves some, sat and looked at and listened to the water some, watched the gulls and pelicans and cormorants and plovers/sandpipers, looked at the stars some (so many stars! stupid light pollution), and got to hang out with my parents.  I also got to spend a few hours driving a really nice car, since I splurged on Zipcar (for convenience) rather than trying to find a rental-car deal, and the most convenient car is/was a Mazda 3.  So nice!  (Except that its extreme zippiness evaporated when I turned on the air conditioning.) I really do love driving, when the circumstances are right.

I haven’t edited any of them, but I uploaded all fortyish of my beach pictures to flickr; click through to look at the rest of them.