These are all from my (new) walk to work this morning, and all shot at eye level. There’re a few particular gardens I’m going to miss passing every day, but I’m not exactly going to be short on flowers to admire.

And, because this is sort of a fibery blog, here’s a photo of the shawl I’ve been working on lately:


It’s the shawl I’ve been making up to go along with my Chai yarn from Enchanted Knoll Farm. I’m running low enough on the Chai that I’ve started spinning the Phoenix roving I bought to go with it, since I want this shawl to be bigger than it would be with just the 4 oz of Chai. I’ve also started looking through my lace books for the next pattern to use; I think I’ll add one more lace pattern to the body of the shawl and then do a knitted-on edging.