I’m still running behind on pretty much everything.  I’ve managed to squeeze in the fastest apartment search ever (okay, not really; it took a week rather than the long weekend when I found my first place in Philly), and a little bit of packing, but nearly everything else that’s not work or spinning (downtime so I can focus again) has gotten squeezed out.  And I’m behind schedule on those, too.

Still, I’ve finished a couple of skeins as part of the Tour de Fleece, and I am sucking less at spinning.

roses in the snow

This is one Roses in the Snow batt from Enchanted Knoll Farm, from the February Happy Hooves shipment.  (The other two batts in the wild card set have different fates.)  I was practicing spinning bulky yarn, and I did pretty well–it’s a reasonably lofty 8wpi (but I’ve forgotten the yardage).

sunflower superwash merino

This is more superwash merino (but without the glitz and sari silk), from the Spunky Swa(m)p last fall; it’s from Rebecca of Heartknits Handpainted.


And this is my current travelling spindle, with the travelling-spinning project I started on my way to my parents’ place at the beginning of July.  This is one of the set of 4oz of batts (Polwarth, silk, and a pinch of firestar) from Sherie, from a batt swap in January/February.  I think I’m more than halfway through them, but I haven’t actually checked lately.  Unfortunately, it’s been a little to humid to spin on my way to work for the last couple of days.

Time to get back to work!