Crown vetch, from my walk to work last Sunday. It’s a weed, and not something I’d want in my garden (if I had one), but it’s much nicer than plain grass for an awkward hillside.


I’ve been really busy with work this week, but I continue to spin while walking there and back. More of the rust-colored Jacob, which I hope to finish spinning next week.


I said last week that I had some knitting to post. Here’s my most recent finished object:

mint-chocolate baby hat

It’s Cisco, with several modifications, some intentional and some less so, none of which are all that important. It now belongs to my new first-cousin-once-removed; I hope he likes it. (And, at least as important, that his parents like it.) (The yarn is superwash merino.)

I’ve been working a bit on my Estonian lace scarf, too, but I don’t have an updated picture yet. Maybe next week.