I’ve been doing rather a lot of spinning lately, both while walking and while sitting at home. My spindles, especially, have been seeing more use than they had for a while, which seems to be a frequent effect of travel.

This is the green shetland I picked up at Spirit Trail at MDSW and started spinning by the campfire. It’s intentionally uneven, but I should note that it hasn’t been finished yet–it should look better after its wash-and-thwack.

This is a ten-yard sample skein of some zwartble I got in a swap a few months ago–about one day’s walking spinning. I like the sproinginess of the fiber and the fact that it’s so springy without being as soft as cormo. It seems like it would make a great sweater (if I had more than half an ounce or so), but I think this bit might be a smidge overscoured. (Also as yet unfinished.)

When I pulled the shetland off the Kundert, I started spinning this cormo/silk blend from Foxfire Fibre (purchased at Rhinebeck). I haven’t spent much time on it yet, but it’s very, very nice.

The primary at-home spindle project is this Sumac merino/bamboo from Amy Boogie. I’d say I’m about half to two-thirds of the way done with the first ounce.

And the current walking spindle project is this jacob from Gnomespun. My plan is a singles yarn for lace of some kind, which goes a lot faster than the finer two-ply that had been the previous wandering spindle project. So much so (along with the fact that this prep is fluffier) that I ran out of fiber halfway home on Saturday.

These next two photos, obviously, are not spindle-spinning, but it’s been very nice to get back to spinning on Amy the Lendrum, too.

This fiber is why I’d been avoiding her–it’s a gorgeous color, and really soft, but it’s full of VM. I think there’s a little still visible in this photo, and that’s after removing about one piece of VM for every four inches of singles. I need to sweep around the wheel to clear up the pile of straw and such. So I declared this bobbin done even though it’s not really full.

cormo/kid mohair
That meant it was time to go back to this stuff, for the other two plies for the 3-ply sweater yarn. This is cormo/kid mohair, and much more fun to spin. (Mostly because of a lower quantity of VM, but I think something else in the fiber/prep makes it easier to spin one-handed.)

There’s been a modicum of knitting, too–it might show up later this week.