At Maryland, I was looking around for a new spindle. I wanted one that was not rim-weighted and neither too expensive nor too light. I didn’t see anything like that, so I ordered one from Butterfly Girl Designs last week. It showed up last night, and it’s very zippy.


It seems to want to spin fine (no arguments here), so I’m spinning my Spunky merino/bamboo in Sumac. (I figure lace is a good use for 2oz of something really pretty…)

I did a bit of wheel-spinning-finishing over the weekend:

batt 1 of cabaret

I took one of the three batts of my Cabaret Hooves and used it to try to remind myself of how to do one-handed long-draw. It worked better with a modified/supported long-draw, but it was fun to spin. It has become a graduation present for my new-Ph.D. neighbor, so she gets to decide what to do with the 160yds.

I continue to knit on my chai shawl while reading Aubrey/Maturin novels. I’m a little more than halfway through book 19, so I should be back to getting enough sleep only science and cooking and fibers keeping me up late pretty soon.

chai shawl

I’ve added the bud lace pattern from Swallowtail. I think I’m going to switch to something else as an edging pattern, and I’m debating about adding a black-with-sparkles bit so the shawl can be bigger. (I’ve only got the 4oz of chai, so I’m thinking maybe an ounce of black.)