I’d been holding off on posting until I actually finished something, but I think it’s time to post a bunch of progress photos. The biggest block of fiber time is going into this:


I am slow at spindle-plying, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s also been pointing out how uneven my spinning is when it’s spread over the course of several months and many different contexts. Still, the intended purpose (lace) is reasonably forgiving of irregularity.

I spun both batts into singles on one of my Bosworth spindles, and it didn’t take long into the plying for me to decide that that spindle seemed too neglected to ignore. It’s now got a mini-batt:

so sari

I am amazed to find myself intentionally spinning novelty yarn–it’s pretty eyelash-y–but I really love it. I don’t think I’d want most of my yarn to be like this, but it’s a great bit of frivolity. The only downside is all of the sari silk that escapes the yarn and gets everywhere else.

I’ve also been doing a bit of wheel-spinning, continuing on the Good Fortune batts I showed a few weeks ago:

good fortune in progress

This is going to be a long-term project, for sure, but all that green…and sparkly bits… I think it’s going to keep my stitch-to-stitch attention pretty well when it grows up into yarn and becomes some sort of shawl. Adamas is growing a bit, too, but not all that much since its last photo. Knitting time has gone into this:


With any luck, I’ll still have a day or two to wear it this year. It’s certainly cold enough now, though we didn’t get anything like the snowstorm predicted for Sunday night into yesterday… (We might have gotten 4-5 inches. It blew around enough that it’s hard to tell. But nothing like the 10″ that people were getting all excited about.)


Still pretty, though.