I continue to be mostly occupied by science, but I’ve been doing a bit of knitting in the evenings.  I stopped in the park on my way home from lab this afternoon and shot these photos:

Adamas is growing.  I’m starting to get bored with the pattern, so I’m thinking about shifting into a different stitch pattern at some point, but it is nice to be able to work without referring to a chart…so I might just keep going.

And I started a new project last night, with some Malabrigo I picked up from a swap table (okay, swap futon) last month:


I’ve been wanting to knit a cowl out of handspun, but I haven’t been able to settle on a pattern to use.  This stuff, while very nice, is less precious (especially than the other-people’s-handspun I’ve been contemplating), and it’s growing into a Darkside Cowl.  I’m hoping to be able to wear it at least a couple of times before spring.