For quite a while, I have been wanting something to keep my ears and forehead warm while my hair is up. A friend of mine has a 2×2 ribbed hat that is extremely stretchy and fit pretty well as such if I was using a stretched-out hair elastic, but the similar hat I knit last year only fits with my hair down. So I spun up the Rhubarb BFL that came with my new wheel into as thick a 2-ply as I could get, and knit this:


This is this headband by DROPS (also available not on Ravelry), with slight modifications. That is, I was too lazy to measure all of the increases, so I estimated, and then I made it a bit longer because 48cm would be really tight on me.



…and I still have half the yarn left, for either another headband or a cowl or something.

Here’s what the yarn originally looked like, since I can’t find where I posted it: