Though I packed two shawl projects last week, I didn’t work on either one. Instead, I spent a fair amount of time spinning:

targhee on a kundert
targhee, on my Kundert. I’m not at all confident that the cop will slide off, so I’ll probably just wind it off.

abby batt
the second Brick House Abby batt. I’m really looking forward to plying these and seeing how they turn out.

And I spent most of the “official” party time knitting on my chocolate cherry sock, which now has a heel:

chocolate cherry sock

Down-time knitting went toward this scarf, which I’m trying to use to learn (improve enough for practicality) Continental knitting:



The scarf is going fine, but I’ve been wondering why Continental is cast as more lefty-friendly. I’m not convinced. I still think it’s likely to be more efficient once I improve, but it seems to me to require more complex activity from my right hand than does my version of English knitting.