So…the thing I left out of my Thanksgiving post was the big thing I brought back with me. I did a wee bit of shopping while I was there, but I picked up a new toy I’d had shipped to my parents:


I now have a Louet Victoria!  As soon as I get my current project finished on Amy the Lendrum, I’m planning to have one wheel for big projects and plying and one wheel for small projects and fiber night.

This is my first plied yarn from Victoria, a sample bit of merino from Enchanted Knoll Farm.

The knitting continues on the Adamas Shawl–I’m really excited to have reached a color change in the yarn.  I’m also feeling better about its sturdiness, though I still doubt I’ll block it as vigorously as I might a shawl in plied yarn.

And…not spinning/knitting related, I got a late birthday present today, perhaps the best present I’ve gotten this year (even counting the wheel I bought for myself):

birthday scarf

It’s a handsewn silk scarf from my friend Emma–strips of silk, lined up, and sewn together.  It’s totally not my usual (practical) scarf style, but I love it.


There’s other stuff to talk about, but I’m utterly fried.  I’m going to spin for a few minutes and then crash.