• I was spinning on Friday, while in line at the Post Office.  As I sent off a box of fiber, I had a nice conversation about knitting and spinning (and how I go to Sheep and Wool Festivals rather than Stitches) with the woman working at the counter, who’s knit for much of her life but never gotten into spinning.


• I was knitting on the trolley on Saturday night (spinning is for waiting for the trolley, not riding on it), and I got into a conversation with the woman sitting in front of me, who’d learned to knit as a girl but hadn’t knit much recently.  So I directed her to a couple of my favorite local yarn stores.  


• Knitting really cuts into spinning time.  However, knitted objects are much more useful than skeins of yarn…so I’m trying to take advantage of the finishing kick I’m finding myself on.


This is the second headband I’ve made out of the skein of Aurora that was a birthday present last year.  I love them both.  And I’m plotting ways to make really sparkly handspun.  (Yes, the pile of sparkly bits for blending should prove great fun, as soon as the drum carder actually shows up.  But there may also be some sparkly thread for plying at some point.)




And I finally, finally finished this hat that I started about a year and a half ago.  It’s Lorna’s Laces worsted in Carrot, purchased as extra/backup yarn for my Olympic Socks.  It’s a really simple hat, just varying heights of ribbing, but I started the decreases too early, twice, and then it sat around for a while.


Pictures of new yarn and a blocked Swallowtail will show up soon.  (*bounce**bounce*)