Still spinning batts and knitting shawls.

green banana

I finished the Green Banana batt, which came in at 100 yards of 16 wpi for its 38 grams. Not sure what to do with this one, either, other than pet it.


That’s all that’s left of the first Abby batt. (Then I just have to transfer this cop to something else and spin the other batt so I can ply them together.)


And I’m being spinning-irresponsible: I started the corriedale/silk batt blending project instead of resuming my sweater spinning. Still, this is fun. Maybe I’ll switch back when I fill this bobbin. (This stuff is supposed to be singles. I’m going to try to full it pretty thoroughly when I set the twist.)



The corriedale-silk swallowtail shawl continues to grow. I really like the crunchy feeling the silk gives to this yarn.


…And so does the Wool Peddler’s Shawl. This one isn’t crunchy, but it’s wonderfully woolly. I hope I’m not jinxing it by saying so, but I’m going to try to get this finished for Rhinebeck. It’s probably ridiculous–I don’t have a lot of time for knitting these days, and I haven’t even reached the lace bit yet–but it’d be nice to have a new handknit for the festival, and this is the least outlandish possibility.


Oh, also, I cooked more Real Food tonight. It’s posted on Farm to Philly.